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Books and Learning Material

Arboriculture Australia Ltd. are currently working with subject-matter experts to write and illustrate a full suite of minimum industry standards describing the work tasks conducted by practical, hands-on tree workers throughout Australia, including pruning, tree identification, equipment inspection, chainsaw use, cabling, and many other practices and skills.

The minimum industry standards are available for purchase from Vermeer parts counters in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.


Vermeer’s BC2100XL setting the standard for safety and productivity

If you’re looking for a chipper that can get through high volumes of waste timber, and is at the peak of industry safety, look no further then Vermeer’s BC2100XL Wood Chipper.

Clearing the way with Vermeer’s Horizontal Grinders

If you’re looking for a horizontal grinder that can power through large materials like whole trees and large stumps, look no further than Vermeer’s HG6800TX horizontal grinder.

Be ready this storm season with Vermeer Australia

Summer months are notorious for storm activity, which means we can expect an increase in storm damage clean up from fallen trees and debris. So, it makes sense to have your chippers ready for the increased workload so they can handle the tough jobs in the months ahead.

Safety and productivity first with Vermeer machines

Safety is paramount when working in any industry, but for operators and arborists in tree and forestry industries, the risks when operating specialist heavy machinery are higher and there are many more factors to consider to ensure the safety of yourself, your team and bystanders.

2020 Vermeer Arborist Seminar Series – did you make it?

This year Vermeer Australia did things a little differently for the Vermeer Arborist Series. Instead of in-person seminars, it was moved online, just as most of the world has due to coronavirus. This didn’t stop some really great speakers sharing actionable insights with attendees.

The Australian Arbor Age Test Drive of the Vermeer CTX160 Mini Loader

The CTX160 is sized for challenging, landscaping, hardscaping, rental, utility and general construction work. Landscaper Kelly Burton from KBL put the CTX160 to the test.