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Utility Locating

Underground Utility Locators / Digital Locators

Electronic locating devices are an integral part of utility installation, both to check for the presence of existing assets and to guide a drilling tool along a prescribed path.

Vermeer, along with partners McLaughlin Underground and Digital Control Incorporated (DCI), offer avariety of locating options designed to meet theneeds of telecommunications installations. The range of digital locators available from your local Vermeer dealer include the McLaughlin Verifier G3 and the DCI DigiTrak® F5.


Advanced Uses for Vacuum Excavators

A vacuum excavator can be one of the most versatile pieces of equipment on a worksite. Its uses go far beyond the typical potholing or utility location tasks that may initially come to mind. When used to its full potential, less equipment is needed on site, labour costs are reduced, safety is improved and project times can be shortened. There are many possible uses for vacuum excavators including dewatering, pit cleanout, unblocking pipes and spill response.

Are Your Excavation Practices Leaving You Exposed?

By using a non-destructive digging solution, such as a Vermeer vacuum excavator, contractors can greatly reduce these risks and ensure the safety of their workers and the community, while also minimising the possibility of damage to existing utility infrastructure.

The Advance of Utility Locator Technology

Contractors are faced with a number of challenges when breaking ground in urban areas. Congested underground conditions, unmarked utilities and increasingly strict regulations mean contractors need to be able to accurately locate underground assets in a timely manner. Using a utility locator such as the Vermeer Verifier G3 locator by McLaughlin will help improve safety for workers, increase productivity and ensure there will be fewer delays caused by hitting utilities.