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D36x50 Series II NAVIGATOR® Horizontal Directional Drill

D36x50 Series II NAVIGATOR® Horizontal Directional Drill


Mid sized with big features - When you need a mid-sized drill with big features, look no further than the Vermeer D36x50 Series II NAVIGATOR. It's narrowly designed rack and pinion design helps to maintain a small footprint for access into congested areas. The D36x50 Series II is built to perform a wide range of medium diameter, mod-to-long distance utility installations.

Fuel TypeDiesel

Power140 hp (104 kw)

Rotational Torque4928 ft-lb (6681 Nm)

Thrust/Pullback33,000 lb (14,969 kg) of thrust, 36,000 lb (16,329 kg) of pullback

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Key features

  • A one-piece pivoting fiberglass hood can be raised to provide access to the engine bay and hydraulic systems.
  • With 4995 ft-lb (6772 Nm) of rotational torque, the D36x50 Series II delivers the power to turn cutting tools in demanding ground conditions, long distance bores, and can accommodate larger backreamers.
  • Featuring two mud pump pptions - A 70 gpm (265 L/min) on-board mud pump provides high flow for larger backreams to help increase backreaming efficiency. The 50 gpm (189 L/min) on-board mud pump is located on the rack.
  • With 36,000 pounds (16,329 kg) of pullback, the D36x50 Series II has sufficient power for longer, heavier product.
  • The rack and pinion drive system provides smooth operation. The D36x50 Series II has a narrow rack and pinion design which helps maintain a small footprint for access into confined work sites.
  • FIRESTICK II Drill Stem - True one-piece forged drill rod is made of a premium blend of steel and alloy, providing an optimal strength and flexibility. Precision machined threads are designed to withstand the rigors of directional drilling. Minimum bend radius of 108.2 feet (33 m) provides shorter setback distance requirements and excellent steering capabilities.
  • Ten-foot (3 m) rod length allows for a shorter machine length. A smaller footprint provides increased maneuverability in congested areas.
  • Electronic displacement controls provide the operator with fingertip control of the drilling functions.
  • Dual integrated joystick controls integrate mud flow, breakout vise, rod loader functions and throttle control functions into the thrust and rotation controls, providing the operator with fingertip control of these functions. Eliminates the need to reach for control switches by integrating them directly into the thrust and rotation joysticks.
  • Ergonomically Designed Operators Station - The manually operated swing out operator's seat is elevated for better visibility. Toggle switches with breakout system, fluid pump, rod loader, and throttle switches are integrated into thrust and rotation levers. Drilling pressure gauges are located between the operator and bore path. EDC controls and an adjustable seat provide the operator comfort during longer bores.

The D36x50 Series II has been superseded by the D40x55 S3 Horizontal Directional Drill - Click here for more information. 

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