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Vermeer S925TX tracked mini loader

S925TX Mini Skid Steer Loader

S925TX Mini Skid Steer Loader


With it's dual hydraulic auxiliary system, the S925TX mini skid steer loader can handle any job site from a landscaping project to a tree care site.

Width91.4 cm (No Bucket)

Weight1519.5 kg (No Bucket)

Fuel TypeDiesel

Power25hp (18.6kW) or 35hp (26.1kw)

Capacity419.6 kg Rated Operating (SAE), 1198.9 kg Tipping

Case Study

CMS Landscaping

Bellarine Peninsula & Geelong Surf Coast, VIC

S925TX Mini Skid Steer Loader

Mini Skid Steer Purchase improves productivity and reduces costs

Private and commercial landscaping projects can involve a wide variety of tasks, so having easy access to versatile and reliable equipment is key.

Posted Friday, November 1, 2019 in Case Studies:
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S925TX Mini Skid Steer Loader Videos

Key features

  • The S925TX comes standard with a dual hydraulic auxiliary system with high flow to power the most demanding attachments and a low flow to give the operator maximum control.
  • Get more out of each day with a tipping capacity of 1198.8 kg and rated operating capacity of 419.6 kg while reaching to maximum hinge pin height at 214.6 cm.
  • Single joystick ground drive control offers a smooth range of motion without balancing the engagement of two separate controls. The handgrip enables the operator to maintain a secure grip while providing good joystick control.
  • Protective steel wings with cushioning increase operator comfort and support, providing a surface to brace against while working in uneven terrain.
  • The dedicated spring-cushioned operator platform keeps the operator out of the mud and debris

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

How narrow is this machine? Will it fit through a standard pedestrian gate?

The S925TX Mini Loader comes with either a 9 inch or 7 inch track option. At it's narrowest configuration, with the 7 inch tracks and no attachment, it measures 91.4 cm wide and will fit through most standard residential side gates.

What hydraulic flow is available for attachments?

The S925TX features a dual hydraulic system offering both high and low flow circuits. It is capable of providing 12 gpm (45.6 L/min) of high flow, which can power even the most demanding attachment. The low flow circuit offers 5.2 gpm (19.6 L/min) where maximum control is required.

What is the tipping capacity of the S925TX?

With a 74.84 kg operator, the tipping capacity of the S925TX is 1198.9 kg and has a rated operating capacity of 419.6 kg.

Do I need a licence to operate this type of machine?

No. A short video on how to operate the common Vermeer mini loader controls can be viewed here.

What sort of daily maintenance does this machine require?

All daily maintenance tips are outlined in the Maintenance Manual and include:

  • Check engine oil & coolant levels
  • Check fuel level
  • Check hydraulic fluid
  • Check air cleaner

At the end of the day it is recommended to:

  • Fill fuel tanks
  • Grease the machine after it is shut down
  • Check tracks for rips & tears
What is the best way to transport this machine?

The best way to transport a mini loader is on a truck or trailer that meets the ADR and weight requirements for the load. See our contractor packages for some great examples that combine a trailer with a range of attachments.

Where can I take my Vermeer mini loader for maintenance or to purchase spare parts and consumables?

Vermeer Australia has dealerships locations with workshop and parts warehousing facilities in Townsville, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide that service the east coast of Australia and the Oceania region.

General Dimensions and Weights

Design Ride-on/track-drive
Length (With Standard Bucket) 106 inches 269.2 cm
Length (Without Standard Bucket) 84 inches 213.4 cm
Width (With Standard Bucket) 42 inches 106.7 cm
Width (Without Standard Bucket) 36 inches 91.4 cm
Height 58 inches 147.3 cm
Height (to Hinge Pin) 84.5 inches 214.6 cm
Ground Clearance 6 inches 15.2 cm
Weight (Standard Bucket, Diesel Engine) 3465 lbs 1571.7 kg
Weight (No Bucket, Diesel Engine) 3350 lbs 1519.5 kg

Engine Option One

Make and Model Kubota V1505
Fuel Type Diesel
Fuel Tank Capacity 13 gal 49.2 L
Gross Horsepower 25 hp 18.6 kw
Cooling System Liquid
Maximum Angle of Inclination 30 deg

Engine Option Two

Make and Model Kubota V1505
Fuel Type Diesel
Fuel Tank Capacity 13 gal 49.2 L
Gross Horsepower 35 hp 26.1 kw
Cooling System Liquid
Maximum Angle of Inclination 30 deg

Track Performance

Rated Operating Capacity (SAE) 925 lbs 419.6 kg
Tipping Capacity (With 74.84 kg operator) 2643 lbs 1198.9 kg
Travel Speed 4.5 mph 7.3 km/h
Ground Pressure (7" Narrow Tracks) 5 psi 34.5 kPa


Steering Dual axis, pilot-operated joystick
Lift Dual axis, common bucket lever
Curl Dual axis, common bucket lever

Hydraulic System

Hydraulic System Flow 15.5 gpm 58.7 L/min
Hydraulic System Pressure 3045 psi 209.9 bar
Tank capacity 10.5 gal 39.7 L

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