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Thunderstorm 1 HDD mixing / cleaning system

Thunderstorm 1 HDD mixing / cleaning system


The system features 3 x 5 inch cones and a 3 x panel double shaker that deposits cuttings at the rear of the unit for ease of collection.

Fuel TypeDiesel

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Key features

  • 3 x 5” cones and 3 x oilfield type screens on double linear motion shakers with rear discharge of cuttings mean to 120 GPM (240 GPM for vertical rigs) cleaning capacity depending on viscosity and soil conditions
  • 1500 Gallon Split Tank/5,700 liter capacity with oilfield grade spray in liner and built in hopper
  • Optional 150 GPM pit/lift pump, 5 HP electric, with plug in power cord, (2) spoil ports for reduced clogging. Up to 150 GPM (570 liters per minute) depending on viscosity of drilling fluids


Performance: Up to 120 GPM/240 GPM vertical rigs, cleaning depending on viscosity and soil conditions
Spoil tank: 2 x 2850 litre (750 gallon) tanks with slanted floor for easy drain out; 5,700 litre (1500 Gallon) total capacity
Motors: 10 hp electric motor for 3 x 5”cones, 7.5 hp electric motor for mud mixing and to rig
Generator: 25 kw, enclosed
Shakers: 3 x oilfield grade screens, 2 x linear motion shaker motors
Cones: 3 x 5 inches
Hopper: Inbuilt
Empty Weight (approximate): 2273 kg (5000 lb)
Length: 420 cm (14 ft)
Width: 225 cm (7.5 ft)
Height: 225 cm (7.5 ft)
Performance: Up to 567 LPM (150 GPM). 3” outlet, 8” OD impeller
Maximum depth of liquids in pit: 61 cm (2 ft)
Weight: 136 kg (200 lb)
Motor: 5 hp electric

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