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Vermeer RTX1250i2 ride on trencher

RTX1250 i2 Ride-on Trencher

RTX1250 i2 Ride-on Trencher


The RTX1250i2 offers newly-added technology like TrenchSense™ electronic control system, EcoIdle™ engine control system, Productivity Zone & Auto Plunge.

Length3.8 m (Basic tractor, tracks)

Width235 cm (Basic tractor, tracks)

Height292.1 cm

Weight7330 kg (Basic tractor, tracks)

Fuel TypeDiesel

Power127 hp (95 kW)

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Key features

  • The RTX1250i2 offers a productivity advantage with classic and newly-added technology like TrenchSense™ electronic control system, EcoIdle™ engine control system, Productivity Zone and Auto Plunge.
  • Utilize an optional remote control for convenient maintenance and trailer loading and unloading.
  • Stay in-sync with and get optimal productivity out of your machine by adding Vermeer Fleet telematics to this tractor.
  • Intelligent i2 attachments offer reduced time switching out attachments and setting operational parameters.
  • The RTX1250i2 boasts a quiet ride, convenient controls and an isolated, cushioned operator’s platform. An optional, all-new climate-controlled cab is also available.
  • The RTX1250i2 is powered by a 127 hp (95 kW) Deutz TCD3.6L diesel engine which offers efficient power for working in difficult ground conditions.


Basic Unit
Length (Basic tractor, tracks) 12.4 ft 3.8 m
Length (Basic tractor, tires) 11.6 ft 3.5 m
Width (Basic tractor, tracks) 92.5 inches 234.9 cm
Width (Basic tractor, tires) 87.5 inches 222.2 cm
Height (Transport) 115 inches 292.1 cm
Weight (Basic tractor, tracks & open air ROPS) 15,500 lb 7030.7 kg
Weight (Basic tractor, tracks & enclosed cab ROPS) 16,560 lb 7511.5 kg
Weight (Basic tractor, air-filled tires & open air ROPS) 10,900 lb 4944.2 kg
Weight (Basic tractor, air-filled tires & enclosed cab ROPS) 11,960 lb 5424.9 kg
Ground Clearance 13.5 inches 34.3 cm
ROPS Rating 40,000 lb 18,143.7 kg
Make and Model  TCD3.6L
Gross Horsepower 127 hp 95 kw
Fuel Type Ultra-low sulfur diesel
Maximum Torque 369 lb-ft 5000 Nm
Max. engine RPM 2300 rpm
Idle speed 1000 rpm
Cooling Method Liquid
Number of Cylinders 4
Fuel Tank Capacities 44 gal 166.6 L
Hydraulic Tank 31.6 gal 119.6 L
Hydraulic System 35.6 gal 134.8 L
Ground Drive
Max. Transport Speed (fwd/rev [tracks]) 10.1 mph 16.3 km/h
Max. Transport Speed (fwd/rev [tires]) 10.2 mph 16.4 km/h
Axle Options
Front/Rear Axle Type  Steerable planetary with hydraulic 100% differential lock
Axle Load Rating (Static, per axle) 49458 lb 22433.8 kg
Turning Radius (tracks, front steer only) 40 ft 1219 cm
Turning Radius (tracks, front and rear steer) 26 ft 792 cm
Turning Radius (tires, front steer only) 40 ft 1219 cm
Turning Radius (tires, front and rear steer) 23 ft 701 cm
Cab Optional
Remote Optional
Service Break Type Hydrostatic
Parking Brake Type Spring-applied hydraulic release
Quad Tracks Four independent rubber tracks bolt on to existing axle hubs
Attachment Options
Front options Backhoe, Backfill blade, Reel carrier
Back options Plow, Rockwheel, Sliding offset rockwheel, Sliding offset trencher, Trencher

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