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Vermeer PD10 solar pile driver

PD10 Solar Pile Driver

PD10 Solar Pile Driver


With the PD10 solar pile driver, Vermeer offers solar industry pioneers the high-quality, productive equipment solution this rapidly expanding market demands.

Weight6411.5 kg

Fuel TypeDiesel

Power49 hp (36.5 kW)

Case Study

Civil and Allied Technical Construction (CATCON)

Barcaldine solar farm, Queensland

PD10 Pile Driver

Vermeer Solar Pile Driver Hits Pay Dirt in Barcaldine

With a target of over 100 piles per day and strict accuracy requirements, initial scepticism turned to delight when a contractor trialled a new pile driver at Central West Queensland’s Barcaldine solar farm and was able to double the quota and finish the job six weeks early.

Posted Tuesday, May 9, 2017 in Case Studies:
[Construction and Civil] [Mining and Energy case studies]

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Key features

Proven capability

  • As the leading solar pile driver in the US market, Vermeer’s PD10 is utilised in around 65% of US large-scale solar installations
  • The PD10 is currently utilised on large-scale solar projects in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia, with use of the PD10 currently mandated by several EPC (engineering, procurement, and construction) partners, due in part to our recognised commitment to back-up parts and service support.


  • Developed from the ground up for high-precision large-scale solar installation, the Vermeer PD10 features native Carlson GPS machine guidance that enables outstanding overall tolerance—well within most construction tolerances specifications—that was co-developed by Vermeer Corporation and Carlson.
  • Carson GPS machine guidance can greatly decrease the amount of surveying needed on site, resulting in significant cost savings and reduced fatigue on surveying personnel.


  • The Vermeer PD10 offers unmatched speed and accuracy, with Australian contractors seeing considerable improvements in productivity. The PD10 features pile guide plates tailored to the pile design, which results in better pile engagement and a subsequent reduction in pile deformation and refusal.

Product support

  • Vermeer’s nation-wide Australian dealer network includes branches in Townsville, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide, each with factory-trained technicians and comprehensive parts warehousing. We have over 30 highly-trained technicians available to support solar projects, who in most cases can be on site within 24 hours.
  • Vermeer has partnered with leading providers of positioning and machine control solutions Position Partners, whose experience across civil construction and mining and local on-the-ground support is crucial to project delivery on-time and to budget.

Lower life cost

  • The PD10 has been designed specifically to meet the unique needs of large-scale solar installation, offering significantly longer service intervals than those of competing brands—meaning less downtime and reduced maintenance costs.

Jobsite compliance

  • Vermeer’s PD10 is the only solar pile driver that features standard operator Roll Over Protection and is compliant with all Australian safety regulations.
  • It is the only solar pile driver with a seated operator’s station, which is a major consideration for operators working long hours in the harsh, remote environments that are typical of Australian solar farms. Operator fatigue is significantly reduced.
  • Vermeer includes four days of documented safety-based operator induction, including preventative maintenance. Resulting in increased production rates due to the operators and maintenance personnel having the knowledge they need to keep the PD10 running at its optimum performance.


General Dimensions and Weights

Max. Operating Height - 10ft (3 m) mast 14.9 ft 4.5 m
Max. Operating Height - 15ft (4.6 m) mast 19.9 ft 6.1 m
Max. Operating Height - 20ft (6.1 m) mast 24.9 ft 7.6 m
Operating Weight - 10ft (3 m) mast 14135 lbs 6411.5 kg
Operating Weight - 15ft (4.6 m) mast 14320 lbs 6495.4 kg
Operating Weight - 20ft (6.1. m) mast 15980 lbs 7248.4 kg
Operating Length 10.2 ft 3.1 m
Operating Width 10.1 ft 3.1 m
Transport Height - 10ft (3 m) mast 106.3 inches 270 cm
Transport Height - 15ft (4.6 m) mast 106.3 inches 270 cm
Transport Height - 20ft (6.1 m) mast 110 inches 279.4 cm
Transport Length - 10ft (3 m) mast 10.2 ft 3.1 m
Transport Length - 15ft (4.6 m) mast 10.2 ft 3.1 m
Transport Length - 20ft (6.1 m) mast 10.1 ft 3.1 m
Transport Width - 10ft (3 m) mast 99 inches 251.5 cm
Transport Width - 15ft (4.6 m) mast 99 inches 251.5 cm
Transport Width - 20ft (6.1 m) mast 101 inches 256.5 cm

Operator's Station

Rollover Protection System (ROPS) Rating 16300 lbs 7393.6 kg

Engine Option One

Make and Model Deutz D 2.9 L4
Gross Horsepower 49 hp 36.5 kW
Number of Cylinders 4
Cooling Medium Liquid
Fuel Type Diesel
EPA Certification Family Tier 4 Final (EU family Stage IIIA)

Engine Option Two

Make and Model Deutz D 2.9 L4 Tier 4 Final
Gross Horsepower 49 hp 36.5 kw
Number of Cylinders 4
Cooling Medium Liquid
Fuel Type Diesel
EPA Certification Family Tier 4i (EU family Stage IIIA)

Fluid Capacities

Fuel Tank 18 gal 68.1 L
Hydraulic Tank 36 gal 136.3 L

Ground Drive

Hydraulic Pump Type Sauer Danfoss H1 hydrostatic
Maximum Transport Speed 1.7 mph 2.7 km/h
Track drive Steel track with urethane pads


Maximum Angle (Direction of travel) 11 deg
Maximum Angle (Perpendicular to travel) 20 deg
Impact Drive Type High-frequency hammer
Maximum Hammer Impact 1500
Maximum Pile Dimension (Round - Standard opening) 7.2 inches 18.3 cm
Maximum Pile Dimension (Square - Standard opening) 6.2 inches 15.7 cm
Maximum Pile Dimension (Round - Large opening) 9.3 inches 23.6 cm
Maximum Pile Dimension (Square - Large opening) 9.3 inches 23.6 cm


Autoplumb Standard
Laser Receiver Optional
Max. Laser Operating Distance 1500 ft 457.2 m
Remote Control Standard

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