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SC1152 Stump Cutter

SC1152 Stump Cutter


Variable speed saves you time on the job. Joystick controls are easy to master. Super-sized 27 inch (68.6 cm) cutting wheel swiftly grinds away stubborn hardwood stumps. The Yellow Jacket™ Cutter System helps extend pocket and tooth life and facilitates routine maintenance.

Weight1905.1 kg

Fuel TypeDiesel

Power110 hp (82 kW)

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Key features

  • Four-Wheel Drive with Differential Lock meansthe SC1152 is able to traverse difficult and uneven ground conditions. With the differential locks disengaged, maneuverability is enhanced. In difficult ground conditions, the operator can engage the differential locks to maintain pulling power in uneven wheel traction conditions.
  • Joystick operation give the operator variable speed control allowing for greater control during operation, transport and loading/unloading. Joystick high-range maximum speed at the swingout control station is 130 fpm (39.6 m/min), allowing for quick maneuverability around the jobsite. Creep functions and joystick low-range speed is 100 fpm (30.5 m/min) providing slower speeds for better control in confined areas.
  • In narrow jobsite conditions that restrict use of the main control station, the operator can control ground drive and steering functions from the auxiliary control station. This feature allows the operator to follow or lead the unit through narrow and confined areas.

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