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SC372 Stump Cutter

SC372 Stump Cutter


The SC372 Vermeer Stump Cutter combines power and agility into one simple machine. Expect big results from this compact package. <br />

Weight1029.7 kg

Fuel TypeDiesel

Power37.8 hp (28.2 kW)

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Key features

  • At only 88.9 cm wide with dual tires removed, the SC372 can easily navigate through gates and operate in confined space; and
    it's so lightweight, your footprint won’t be noticed.
  • The optional patented AutoSweep® system monitors engine speed and automatically adjusts the cutter wheel sweep rate to maximize productivity and reduce premature wear.
  • The SC372 is equipped with three operator-sensing control levers that monitor the operator’s touch and maintain cutter wheel engagement.
  • The operator’s station provides a clear view of the cutting action, while the gear box drive of the cutter wheel provides the ability to cut closer to buildings, sidewalks or other inanimate objects.
  • The SC372 has been superseded by the SC552 - click here for more information. 

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