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SC60TX Tracked Stump Grinder

SC60TX Stump Cutter

SC60TX Stump Cutter


Combining exceptional power and enhanced mobility, the SC60TX is the ideal stump cutter when you need a powerful yet compact machine.

Width129.5 cm (minimum transport)

Weight1678.3 kg

Fuel TypeDiesel

Power60 hp (44.7 kW)

Capacity23" cutter wheel

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Key features

  • Patented Gear Box Driven Cutter Wheel System is a more efficient drive as compared to the hydrostatic systems offered by competitors. This system directs the maximum amount of horsepower to the cutter wheel. There is no side load on the engine, and unlike a belt drive, there are no belts to adjust or align.
  • 4.1 PSI ground pressure on soft ground and 12.6 PSI on hard surfaces helps to reduce the ground disturbance while travelling across delicate surfaces but when needed the rubber tracks will provide the tractive effort necessary to work on jobs such as land clearing operations.
  • An important specification to an operator in the stump cutting business is the sweep arc. A wide sweep arc is important during the cutting process to reduce the amount of repositioning time necessary to complete a removal. The SC60TX track machine has a zero turning radius.
  • Compact planetary traction drive provides more tractive effort for maneuvering in difficult conditions, lessens vulnerability to damage from hitting objects and reduces overall track height. Track frames with six track rollers also lessen the chance of detracking.
  • The Patented Vermeer Gear Drive cutter system coupled with the 60HP CAT engine allows operators to have the best of both worlds - a strong and productive right of way machine and a strong and productive backyard machine.
  • The SC60TX has been superseded by the SC70TX - click here for more information.

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