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Vermeer SC552 Stump Cutter

SC552 Stump Cutter

SC552 Stump Cutter


The SC552 stump cutter can achieve cutting heights of 78.7 cm above ground and 63.5 cm below ground, and chips can be easily moved on the jobsite with the standard 34” (86.4 cm) wide front-mounted chip blade.

Width88.9 cm (minimum transport)

Weight1814.4 kg

Fuel TypeDiesel

Power56 hp (41.8 kw)

Capacity23" cutter wheel

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Key features

  • Get into tight spots with side-mounted controls that are easy to reach, and an auxiliary control station that lets the operator lead or follow the machine through narrow confines.
  • Reduce maintenance time through features like hinged doors and removable panels that give you easy access to service pumps.
  • SmartSweep control system monitors engine load and provides continuous feedback resulting in a smooth and consistent cutter wheel sweep rate. This feature improves efficiency and productivity at the stump while helping to decrease wear and tear on the machine.
  • The SC552 is equipped with Vermeer-exclusive Yellow Jacket stump cutter teeth. The Yellow Jacket Cutter System is designed to provide faster, easier serviceability, as well as extended pocket and tooth life.


General Dimensions and Weights

Length 147 inches 373.4 cm
Width 35 inches 88.9 cm
Width with Dual Wheel Option 56 inches 142.2 cm
Height 76.5 inches 194.3 cm
Weight 4000 lbs 1814.4 kg


Make and Model Kohler KDI 1903
Horsepower 56 hp 41.8 kw
No. of Cylinders 3
Type of Fuel Diesel
Cooling Medium Liquid

Cutterwheel System

Wheel Diameter (Without Teeth) 23 inches 58.4 cm
Wheel Thickness 1.1 inches 2.9 cm
Cutterwheel Straight Line Dimension 72 inches 182.9 cm
Wheel Cut Above Ground 31 inches 78.7 cm
Wheel Cut Below Ground 25 inches 63.5 cm
Chip Containment 28.2 cu ft 0.8 cu m
Number of Teeth 26


Fuel Tank 14.5 gal 54.9 L
Hydraulic Tank Capacity 17 gal 64.4 L

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