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Vermeer SC70TX tracked stump cutter

SC70TX Stump Cutter

SC70TX Stump Cutter


The SC70TX is tough enough to withstand large stumps on a commercial jobsite and can fit into tight spaces in a residential area.

Width129.5 cm (minimum transport)

Weight1769 kg

Fuel TypeDiesel

Power67 hp (50 kW)

Capacity23" cutter wheel

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Key features

  • The operator system is intended to help protect the operator. If the operator’s hand(s) leave the cutter wheel controls for more than one second, the cutter wheel will disengage, come to a stop and the cutter wheel indicator light will go out.
  • The SC70TX is equipped with an increased ground drive speed and is designed with a track to help decrease ground disturbance.
  • With a 67 hp (50 kW) Cat C2.2L turbocharged Tier 4 Final/Stage IIIB diesel engine, this machine is ready for tough cutting jobs.
  • The patented SmartSweep control system monitors engine speed and automatically adjusts cutter wheel sweep rate to maximize power to the cutter wheel while reducing engine stress.
  • An optional remote control allows operators to manoeuvre the stump cutter while away from the unit.
  • The Vermeer-exclusive Yellow Jacket cutter system is designed to provide efficient serviceability, as well as to help extend pocket and tooth life.


General Dimensions and Weights

Length 141.6 inches 359.7 cm
Height 72 inches 182.9 cm
Width 51 inches 129.5 cm
Weight 3900 lbs 1769 kg


Make and Model CAT C2.2 Turbocharged Tier 4 Final
Fuel Type Ultra-low sulfur Diesel
Horsepower 67 hp 50 kW
Max Fuel Consumption 3.6 gph 13.6 lph
Torque (Max) 153 ft-lb 207.4 Nm

Cutterwheel System

Cutterwheel Diameter (Without Teeth) 23 inches 58.4 cm
Cutterwheel Thickness 1.1 inches 2.8 cm
Cutterwheel Speed 880 rpm
Number of Teeth 30


Fuel Tank Capacity 12 gal 45.4 L
Hydraulic Tank Capacity 9.6 gal 36.3 L

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