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Vermeer VSK25-100 trailer vacuum excavator in Brisbane

VSK25-100G Vacuum Excavator

VSK25-100G Vacuum Excavator


The VSK100G Vacuum Excavator is designed for potholing, soil excavation, and other wet or dry vacuum applications in construction and landscaping jobs.

Fuel TypePetrol

Power24 hp (17.9 kW)

Capacity100 gal spoil, 50 gal water

Blower Output575 CFM blower output

Maximum Vacuum10 in'Hg

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Key Features

  • The VSK25-100G is ideal for small hydro excavation jobs, such as 'last mile' Fibre To The Premises (FTTP) construction and valve box cleanout.
  • 24 hp (17.9 kW) Honda petrol powerpack.
  • Three-stage filtration process includes a cyclone separator and a 2-micron poly filter to offer maximum system protection.
  • The compact skid can be mounted to suitable utes, truck trays and trailers.


Engine 24 hp Honda petrol 17.9 kW
Maximum Vacuum 10 inches Hg 254 mm Hg
Blower 575 cfm Lobe type with dual-splash oil lubrication 16.3 m3/min
Filtration 3-stage with cyclone seperator & 2-micron poly filter
Controls Electric start, manual throttle, full spoil tank override, water pump clutch
Gauges Fuel level, vacuum, hour meter
Door Type Full Open
Water Pump 4.0 gpm @ 3000 psi 15.1 L/min at 207 bar
Vacuum Hose 16 feet of 3 inches 4.8 m of 7.6 cm
Fuel Tank 6 gal 22.7 L
Full Tank Shutoff Electronic Float with Secondary Mechanical Ball
Spoil Tank 100 gal 379 L
Tank Lift Type Fixed 45 degree angle
Water Tank 50 gal 189 L
Low Water Shutoff Electronic
Skid 121 inches (L) x 48 inches (W) x 63 inches (H) 307.3 cm (L) x 122 cm (W) x 160 cm (H)
Skid Dry Weight 1400lb 635 kg
Skid Max Weight 2800 lb 1270 kg

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