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Vermeer VX100 series vacuum excavator truck mounted

VX100 Truck-mounted Vacuum Excavators

VX100 Truck-mounted Vacuum Excavators


The Vermeer VX100 range of skid-mounted vacuum excavation units offer a multitude of unique features that enable vac truck use by both teams and individuals across a wide variety of medium-volume excavation and spoil removal applications.

Fuel TypeDiesel

Power99 hp (74 kW)

Capacity800-3000 gal spoil tank configurations

Blower Output1200 CFM blower output

Maximum Vacuum15 in'Hg

Case Study

Drilling Services Australia

Queensland, Australia


Thinking Strategically about Excavation Equipment

The telecommunications industry is booming at the moment, not just with the NBN, but also with TPG rolling out its network.

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Key features

  • The high quality one-piece skid can be easily mounted to a wide range of truck chassis— permanently, or via container-locks for greater versatility.
  • The dual tank shut-off system reduces the risk of material entering the blower - in turn, adding greater longevity to your system.
  • Integrated silencing system for quieter operation on noise-sensitive job sites.
  • Quality blower with dual oil bath lubrication for maximum longevity.  Optional Reverse Flow improves productivity with the ability to offload spoil faster and clear blockages quickly.
  • Exclusive optional telescoping hydraulic boom maintains hose length during extension and incorporates a remote controlled hydraulic valve for vacuum shut off. Available with manual or hydraulic rotation.
  • The in-tank washdown system saves you cleanup time and makes it easier to remove difficult debris as it delivers a high-pressure water spray to the tank interior while simultaneously dumping material.
  • Cam-Over auto-locking design provides a positive door seal, even under reverse pressure without additional clamping requirements.
  • Superior three-stage cyclonic filtration over a baghouse arrangement, and located at chest height for easy removal for cleaning if required.





Empty Weight 3220 kg 3991 kg 4472 kg
Skid Dimensions (L,H,W) 4496, 1768, 2481 mm 5054, 1930, 2436 mm 6883, 2743, 2413 mm
Water Tank Capacity 410 gal (1552 L) 410 gal (1552 L) 935 gal (3540 L)
Number of Tanks 2-205 gal (776 L) 2-205 gal (776 L) 1-935 gal (3540 L)
Spoil Tank Capacity* 800 gal (3028.3 L) 1200 gal (4542.5 L) 2200 gal (8327.9 L)

*Also available in 500 gal (1892.7 L)1600 gal (6056.7 L), 2000 gal (7570.8 L), 2600 gal (9842.1 L), and 3000 gal (11356.2 L) spoil tank configuration

Common features of the VSK100XT range

Power pack 99 hp Kubota Diesel 74 kW
Fuel Tank Capacity 83.3 L
Water Pump 5.6 gpm @ 3000 psi 21.2 L/min @ 206.8 bar
High Pressure Hose Length 50 foot 15.2 m
Low Water Shut-off Electric
Tank Lift Type Dual Cylinder
Door Hydraulic cam-over
Blower 1200 cfm
Vacuum 15 inHg
Hose Width 4 inches 10.2 cm
Hose Length Three 3 m lengths (9 m total)
Spoil Tank Shut-off Dual - Electric and Manual
Type of Filters 2 Micron, Washable

Available Options

Water Pump 5.6 gpm @ 5000 psi 21.2 L/min @ 344.7 bar
Deep Vacuum blower 99 hp Kubota Diesel, 1200 cfm, 23 inHg 74 kW
Reverse Flow YES
Sewer Jetter YES
Hydraulic Boom 4” YES
Hydraulic Boom 5” YES

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