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VX200 Vacuum Excavator truck mounted Mega Vac in Australia

VX200 Truck-mounted Vacuum Excavators

VX200 Truck-mounted Vacuum Excavators


The VX200 truck-mounted vacuum excavators feature a 200hp powerpack, 1200 to 3000 gallon spoil tanks, 6-inch hose and 3,200-cfm @ 18 inches of mercury.

Fuel TypeDiesel

Power200 hp (149.1 kw)

Capacity1200-3000 gal spoil tank configurations

Blower Output3200 CFM blower output

Maximum Vacuum18 in'Hg

Case Study

Cooper Utilities

Adelaide, South Australia


Productive equipment protects pipelines and profits

Cooper Utilities, Adelaide, won a contract as part of the Mains Renewal Program (MRP) which involves replacing 50km of old and unprotected gas mains with new polyethylene pipes.

Posted Monday, March 23, 2020 in Case Studies:
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Key features

  • The VX200 truck-mounted vacuum excavator range has spoil tank capacities ranging from 1,200 to 3,000 gallons, and a standard option of 800 gallons of fresh water.
  • It has a 6-inch hose diameter with a 3,200-cfm blower at 18 inches of mercury.
  • The tank, power pack, and water system all have a modular design, allowing contractors to mount the unit on either a new or a repurposed truck chassis.
  • The Mega VX200 is powered by a 200-horsepower John Deere Tier 3 engine and features the McLaughlin three-stage cyclonic filtration system that allows both wet and dry vacuum excavation and, says the company, prolongs filter life and helps keep maintenance costs low.
  • The machine also uses the patented McLaughlin cam-over-hydraulic rear door that is designed to provide a positive 360-degree seal without additional clamping requirements, keeping fluids securely in the debris tank.


 Length  214.9 inches 545.8 cm
 Height w/boom  109.7 inches 278.6 cm
 Empty Weight  14,500 lbs 6,577.1 kg
 Width  97.9 inches 248.7 cm
 Spoil Tank Capacity  2,000 gal 7,570.8 L
 Horsepower  200 hp John Deere Diesel 149.1 kw
 Enclosure  Enclosed/Lockable
 Fuel Tank Capacity  Plumb to Truck Fuel Tanks
Water Tanks
 Water Tank Capacity  800 gal 3,028.3 L
 Number of Tanks  (2) 400 gal 1,514.2 L
 Water Pump  10 gpm @ 3,000 psi 37.9 L/min @ 206.8 bar
 High Pressure Hose Length  50 foot 15.2m
 Low Water Shutoff  Electronic
Spoil Tank
 Spoil Tank Capacity  1200, 1600, 2000, 2600, or 3000 gal 4543, 6057, 7571, 8328, 9842, or 11356 L
 Door Type  Hydraulic
 In Tank Washdown  Standard
 Mechanical Full Tank Shutoff  Standard
 Electric Full Tank Shutoff  Standard
 Tank Lift Type  Dual Cyl
 Type of Filters  2 Washable Micron Poly
 Cyclonic Filtration System  Custom Dual 17″ x 55″ Cyclones 43.2 cm x 139.7 cm
 Boom Tool Length  3-5 foot 0.9 m – 1.5 m
 Hose Diameter  6 inches 15.2 cm
 Vacuum Mercury  18 in'Hg 0.6 bar
 Vacuum CFM  3,200 CFM 90.6 m5/min
 Blower Silencer  18 x 6 inches  Critical Grade Silencer 45.7 cm x 1.8 m
 Suction Hose Storage  N/A /min
Control Panel
 Gauges  Electronic Display with 7 inch LCD Screen 17.8 cm LCD Screen
 Reach  14 foot 4.3 m
 Movement  270 Degree Rotation
 Remote Control  Wireless
Available Options
 Hydraulic Rotation Boom  Standard
 Hot Box Water Heater  Yes
 Air Compressor  Yes

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