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Our Quality Policy

Vermeer's commitment to quality.

Our Quality Policy – Vermeer Equipment Holdings Pty Ltd

As part of a Worldwide Dealership, where Vermeer is recognised as a Leading Manufacturer of Agricultural, Construction and Industrial Equipment, Vermeer Equipment Holdings Pty Ltd is committed to our clients from the Owner/Operator through to Major corporations, providing equipment, service, support and spare parts to keep our Customer’s Business running smoothly.

Our list of Support Services offered are continually being improved, expanded and modified to ensure Customer Satisfaction remains our No. 1 Priority. Above all, we deal openly with our clients, staff and suppliers to make sure we begin and maintain an honest, open and positive relationship. We recognise that these relationships are dynamic and need constant care and management.

To ensure this goal is achieved in a complying and practical manner, we have established a Quality System and Quality Objectives that are reviewed by senior management based upon AS/NZS ISO 9001 and other Standards as required by our Organisation to meet our Stakeholders’ needs and expectations, and to also provide our Clients with the assurance that the Products and Services provided by Vermeer Equipment Holdings Pty Ltd will meet current and future Customer needs and standards.