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Silky Nata Arborist Hatchet Axe

This Silky Nata arborist hatchet is one part knife, one part axe, and completely amazing. Available in all Vermeer locations across Australia.

The Silky Nata 180mm & 240mm axe is a great versatile tool. It is used for gardening and forestry, also used to for kindling and chop small logs, and pruning trees and bushes.

One part knife, one part axe, completely amazing.

The squared design of the blade keeps the weight forward and provides better balance than a traditional machete.

Key Features

  • Nata edge types available in both single and double edge.
  • Single edge type is available in both 180mm and 240mm blade sizes
  • Double edge type is available with a 240mm blade size, 2.11 lbs
  • Colour : Black, Gold, Silver
  • Metal : SK4 High Carbon Steel